1 hour photoshoot

Individual images of each band member and group photos

As many different clothing changes as you like if needed

No watermarks on your photos

No ownership/licensing issues - the photos are yours to use for
whatever you'd like

Up to 3 different cameras used (digital)

Unique antique filters and effects

No additional costs for edits or photos

Minimum of 20+ finished photos from the shoot as large jpegs

Minimum of 5 finished photos sent that night
as jpegs

Please view my photo gallery on here and on instagram as my style is different to other photographers. I can still take normal style photographs
but my work is art photography and different to other photographers.

The shoot rate does not include a location, I am willing to travel
to most areas of Sydney, it's easier for me if you have a location/s in mind first and I'm happy to work with you from there. I do have some suggestions from places I've shot before if needed.

Videos are also available if required - contact for more info.



B A N D / M U S I C I A N   E X A M P L E S