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Smashing Pumpkins Live 2023 Print Set

Set of four 8.5" x 11" approx prints on parchment paper, these are left over gifts for the band. Comes with Adam's media wristband for The World is A Vampire Festival from April 2023.
Will be signed in the bottom right by Adam.
Only one set available.

Smashing Pumpkins Live 2023 Print Set

AU$250.00 Regular Price
AU$100.00Sale Price
  • Artist Notes

    This was the first piece I worked on for this new collection. I managed to replace the head of the original base painting with a skull from another and started working on them with my scalpel to create motion lines and additional formations. The detached eyes above would be a part I tied through to later pieces in the collection. Parts of the clothing were removed and replaced with a boneyard corner section of another work, something that might have been overlooked in the original painting is now a feature piece on this empowered Death portrait.
    The fire was the last part that I added to complete the destruction of Death's surroundings.

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